Jersey Shore is a small borough in Lycoming County, situated on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, approximately 15 miles west of Williamsport. Despite its name, it is nowhere near “the shore” or New Jersey. In fact, it is not far from the geographic center of Pennsylvania, being about 3-1/2 hours from Philadelphia on the East, Pittsburgh on the West and 2 hours North of Harrisburg.

We’re a small borough with slightly more than 4,000 residents comprising about 1,700 households and 1,200 families. Per the 2000 Census, the median age of the population was 36 years old, with almost 36% of residents being over the age of 45.

James Carville, the Democratic political pundit, once observed that Pennsylvania was a difficult state, politically, because you have Philadelphia on the East, Pittsburgh on the West and Alabama in the middle. If true, Jersey Shore sits in the heart of  Alabama.

Central and North Central PA is a mountainous, rural geography, but it offers a lifestyle that can’t be beat. For the outdoors man, we offer hiking, camping, hunting and fishing.  Families can enjoy canoeing, kayaking and bicycling on our world-class Pine Creek Rail Trail. Recreational activities abound. Wake up and find yourself asking,
What am I going to do today?

We offer a relaxing, stress-free environment and a perfect place for a retirement or second home – lots of open space, plenty of opportunities for exercise, good health care (Susquehanna Health System is 20 minutes away; Geisinger Medical Center is less than an hour) and very affordable housing.

Visitors from other areas are amazed at the friendliness of the local people. When we buy gas, we don’t push our money through a trough under 2 inches of bullet-proof glass; we go inside and talk to the counter clerk about the latest school board meeting or church activities and the planning for our 4th of July Parade. In a town of 4,000 people, you know our names, and the names of our spouses, siblings and children. As the old song says, We are family. Won’t you come join us?